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In-depth coverage, eye on the community and a way to relax keep readers picking up the newspaper
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February 03, 2011 12:00 am

I was chatting with a man at a recent social gathering when conversation turned to "So what do you do?" I told him I submit articles and columns for a couple of publications, including the Foothills Star.

Me: So, do you take time to read the printed version of our daily paper?

Him: No.

Naturally, I wanted to know why not.

Him: It's too much trouble when I'm reading an article on page one to look for the rest of the piece on page three or four.

Huh? You don't read the paper because it's too much trouble to find the rest of an article?

Fortunately, many people do not agree. Even with all the news media available, the Star has a daily readership of 225,500, and 343,800 on Sunday. Both figures include yours truly.

My subscription is a good investment, since comics, printed puzzles and games, some ads and various syndicated materials aren't online.

I decided to ask a few local celebs as well as some regular folks who live and/or work in the Foothills why they enjoy reading a hard copy of our daily paper.

Rachel Maleski, 20-something, journalism and English teacher, Catalina Foothills High School

"There's something nostalgic about hearing the thump of the newspaper being delivered on my doorstep, smelling the newsprint and, especially on Sundays, curling up on the sofa with a mug of tea and the paper.

"The Star offers something to its readers that TV media can't: in-depth pieces that a journalist investigates, using more than just AP wires."

Miguel Otarola, 17, junior at Catalina Foothills High School

"I am one of the few students who still enjoys the print version of our daily paper. I take more time to learn about a topic when I'm reading the hard copy. I pick up the paper at my high school and in addition read stories online.

"My favorite section of the Star is Caliente. The information helps my friends and me find things to do on the weekends."

Vicki and Mike Schwager, ages "55-plus," owners of Details Art & Design

"The Sunday Star has the best of everything. There's nothing like the crinkle of newsprint and a cup of coffee on a relaxed Sunday. It's great to just be with family while getting an overview of local and world happenings

"Sometimes we take the Sunday paper to a favorite breakfast restaurant. Reading the paper and enjoying good food … what could be better?"

Don Diamond, 83, real estate developer

"At my age, I will always be a hard-copy guy: be it a daily paper, book or magazine. I actually have two subscriptions to the Star: one for home, one for the office. With all my travel, I like the office personnel to check an article they think would be interesting for me to read upon my return.

"My wife likes the fact that you can take the hard copy anyplace there may be some time to read. That gives an opportunity to read at your convenience."

Albert Hall, 54, owner of the new Acacia Real Food & Cocktails, 3001 E. Skyline Drive

"I like to read a hard copy of the Star every day with my morning coffee. I then check later on for late-breaking news or to search for a particular subject.

"On Sunday morning, I love to sit in my cushy leather armchair and browse, with a cup of coffee and classical music in the background. I find it therapeutic to just relax and read; this is something the computer does not offer."

Margrit Laman, Baby Boomer, owner of the Foothills boutiques Limited Additions, Finale and Tapestry, along with a fourth store in Oro Valley

"I like the quiet time of reading a paper, frequently before the sun rises, without the peripheral noise of commercials and the 'pop-ups' on the Internet. I also like the choice of scanning the headlines or reading an article in depth.

"The Foothills section keeps me in touch with what is happening where I live. The Business section is also important. With four stores, my busy schedule often prevents me from finding out what is going on business-wise in our community until I read it in the paper."

Suzanne V., 92, retired teacher

"I don't own a computer and have no intention of buying one. Fortunately, my eyesight is very good. I enjoy reading the paper for both national and local news. It keeps me in touch with the world.

"My favorite section is columnists and their views, even though I don't always agree with them."

Jim Click, 66, owner of several car dealerships in Tucson and Orange County

"I'm rather old-fashioned and prefer to read the newspaper, either my home or office copy. I also get the news from TV in the morning. Sometimes I come into my office early, make a cappuccino and sit and read the paper, especially in the winter, before riding my bicycle. Starting with Sports, I continue with Financial, Business and main news."

Christine Schell, 65, retired legal assistant, and Tom Schell, 70, retired mechanical engineer

Christine: "I've been receiving a newspaper daily without fail since the age of 18. I love nothing more than to get up before everyone else, have my coffee and read the paper. By reading something myself, the facts seem to sink in more than having someone report it to me on TV."

Tom: "The newspaper gives a good overview of what is going on; for a more detailed account of the news, I research the subject on the Internet. However, many items on the Internet are biased, so you need to read several sources to get an accurate view of any topic."

So there you have it, folks. It looks like the print version of the Star is here to stay. Hurray!

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