Courtesy Arizona Game and Fish Department

A bear was "humanely put down" Saturday night on Tucson's northeast side, state officials said. 

The bear was found on the 7700 block of East Park View Drive, according to news release Monday from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Officials described the bear as old, malnourished and ill. The bear was at least 16 years old with blunted teeth, lesions, and may have been vision-impaired. 

"(The bear was) unlikely to have survived much longer, let alone through winter," the department said in a tweet

This was the same bear that was seen roaming around the northeast side multiple times last week

Original reports said the bear appeared to be young, but officials found that it was older, possibly even 20 years old, and in very bad health, according to Mark Hart, a spokesman for the Arizona Game and Fish Department.



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