Browse hundreds of volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer Center at United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona's website at or call for assistance at 903-3949.

Computer support for Macs: Excellent working knowledge of Mac OSX and basic networking is required for this volunteer opportunity. The volunteer should be available by phone or email to answer questions, and when more in-depth on-site help is occasionally needed.

Community ambassador: Help people understand HIV/AIDS, and a nonprofit's mission and work by serving at an information booth at events. Work with community agencies and faith communities.

Rehabilitation volunteer: Help patients being treated for stroke, amputation, brain injuries, burns and other conditions. Volunteers are needed to help staff provide activities that help patients achieve rehabilitation goals.

Help a job seeker: An agency is looking for volunteers who know their way around the Internet and are able to help people apply for jobs online, refine résumés, and assess interview abilities. Training is provided.

Promote free tax-preparation program: People can get their taxes prepared for free, but many don't know it. Help get the word out. Distribute brochures while you walk, ride your bike, pull the kids in a wagon or walk your pet. A nonprofit agency provides materials and locations; volunteers choose their schedule.