Moved by a Vail teacher's struggle to cover the cost of getting her teaching license in Arizona, an Oro Valley couple stepped forward with a check for more than $1,200. 

Empire High School chemistry teacher Hillary Stacey received a surprise visit from Steve and Diane Uhl Tuesday. The Uhl's learned about Stacey's plight after Vail Superintendent Calvin Baker shared her story in an guest opinion piece published in the Arizona Daily Star.

Previously licensed in Montana, Stacey shared with Baker her dismay that it would cost a minimum of $1,217 in fees and tuition to convert her Montana license to a teaching license in Arizona.

After presenting the check to Stacey, the Uhl's spoke briefly to staff at Empire about the importance and powerful impact of their work as teachers.

"The Uhl's couldn't fix the teacher certification problem. But they did what they could do," Baker said. "They fixed the problem for one teacher. I hope the Uhl's generous act inspires you as much as it did us."