PHOENIX - Calling the legislation "poorly written," Gov. Jan Brewer on Monday vetoed legislation that would have allowed individuals to carry their weapons in the public rights of way going through university and community college campuses.

The governor said she generally supports expansion of where people can carry their weapons. But she said this measure was badly flawed.

If nothing else, Brewer said the measure never actually defines what are the "public rights of way" where weapons would be allowed.

Separately, the governor rejected legislation which would have required presidential candidates to present certain information to the secretary of state to appear on the Arizona ballot. Brewer, who was secretary of state before becoming governor two years ago, said the person in that office should not have that much authority, saying it "could lead to arbitrary or politically motivated decisions."

And Brewer vetoed a third measure which would have required her to enter into compacts with other states as an alternative to complying with the federal health care law.

It was the veto of the gun measure, though, which came as the biggest surprise.

Brewer has boasted of her A-Plus rating from the National Rifle Association. She even was a featured speaker when the NRA had its conference in Phoenix two years ago.

And the governor has signed every piece of legislation expanding who can carry guns and where, including a measure last year to permit anyone to have a concealed weapon, with or without a background check and special training.

The governor said this proposal, however, was just too much to accept.