If you work for Pima County government, yelling or name-calling on the job could get you fired under a new policy.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a policy prohibiting workplace bullying Tuesday.

Workers may report bullies to a manager, and allegations will be investigated by the Human Resources Department, according to the new policy, which takes effect immediately. Violations lead to consequences up to dismissal.

"Workplace bullying is intentional behavior intended to create an abusive work environment," according to the policy. Examples include using disrespectful language, humiliating others or tampering with someone else's belongings.

That sort of behavior is "not sufficiently addressed" by current policies against harassment and violence in the workplace, County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry said in a memo to the board.

He said workplace bullying costs taxpayers money in sick leave from health problems caused by bullying, reduced productivity and the cost of replacing workers who quit to avoid bullying.


Pima County is Southern Arizona's eighth-largest employer, with about 6,170 full-time workers as of last year, the 2012 Star 200 survey showed.


The 2013 version of the Star 200, our annual ranking of Southern Arizona's 200 largest employers, will be published in a special section.

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