If you drive downtown, you'll be paying double to park at a meter - once downtown streets are re-opened enough for anyone to drive there and reach a parking meter.

The City Council unanimously approved a Parkwise proposal to double downtown meter rates from 50 cents to $1 per hour.

Rate increases downtown are slated to take effect next April, when most of the construction for the new streetcar should be complete. Parkwise is more than $100,000 in the red this year because the construction cut off access to hundreds of meters.

In addition, Parkwise will replace existing meters downtown and at the University of Arizona with smart meters, which allow drivers to pay at a centralized location using a credit or debit card in addition to coins. Parkwise will also modernize the technology at its parking garages.

Parkwise, the city's parking division, is also planning to install meters along Fourth Avenue sometime in the future. Parkwise director Donovan Durband said all the changes "will set Parkwise on a path to financial sustainability over the next five years."