The Pima County Elections Department will take down a Web page that is sending would-be voters to the wrong polling place.

County officials downplayed the issue, saying the site was put up for the November 2012 election and simply was never taken down until a Vail resident brought the issue to their attention.

The outdated site, found on the county’s Elections Department Web page, conflicts with an official polling location search tool on the County Recorder’s Web page.

Pima County consolidated the number of polling locations since the November 2012 election but failed to update the Web page, said Brad Nelson,  the director of Pima County’s Elections Department.

Nelson said a recent mailing to thousands of voters, including more than 7,000 eligible voters in Vail, contains the correct polling information.

Scott Altherr, a Vail resident who discovered the conflicting information earlier this week, said he hopes the county takes steps to reach out to voters.

“We want to make sure the county appropriately advertises the correct information,” he said.

With less than a week before the Nov. 5 election, county officials expect most voters to mail in their ballot, not show up at a polling place next Tuesday.

Chris Roads, the chief deputy recorder, used the Vail incorporation issues as an example of the growing preference to vote by mail.

His office mailed out 4,772 ballots to the roughly 7,000 eligible voters in Vail.

More than 2,000 ballots have already been returned, with hundreds more coming in every day.

Roads said he expects a few hundred voters will go to the polls on Election Day.

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