Sen. Frank Antenori was headed to a decisive victory in the Republican primary for state Senate in Legislative District 30 against challenger Marian McClure.

With votes still being counted, Antenori was pulling in about 68 percent of the vote.

He said voters had a choice between two Republican philosophies.

"I think it's pretty loud and clear that the era of big government, big spending Republicans is over," Antenori said. "That's what this says."

The race was indicative of other Southern Arizona legislative bids, which generally featured incumbents moving on to the November general election.

Antenori will face Democrat Todd Camenisch in the east-side Legislative District 30, which holds a Republican registration advantage.

McClure, a former legislator, said her focus in the Legislature would have been to protect education from further budget cuts.

She was the beneficiary of mailers distributed by an independent group in the race.

Antenori is the incumbent known for being direct and speaking his mind. He was elected as one of the district's representatives, and appointed to the Senate seat in March when Jonathan Paton resigned to run for Congress.

He said his first priority is Southern Arizona's economy and restructuring Arizona's tax codes to attract businesses.

During the race, McClure and Antenori accused each other of spreading falsehoods.

McClure says Antenori was wrong when he called her "soft on immigration," and Antenori challenged her accusation that he had a poor attendance record in past Legislative sessions.

DISTRICT 25 - HOUSE Democrats (2 advance)

Patricia Fleming - 43%

Ruben Ortega - 36%

Ken Davis - 21%

DISTRICT 26 - HOUSE Republicans (2 advance)

Vic Williams - 42%

Terri Proud - 31%

Wade McLean - 27%

DISTRICT 27 - HOUSE Democrats (2 advance)

Sally Ann Gonzales - 17%

Macario Saldate - 14%

Bob Gilby - 13%

Dustin Cox - 13%

John Kromko - 12%

Eric Carbajal Bustamante - 11%

Sami Hamed - 10%

John Bernal - 10%

DISTRICT 28 - HOUSE Democrats (2 advance)

Steve Farley - 35%

Bruce Wheeler - 21%

Mohur Sidhwa - 19%

Tim Sultan - 15%

Ted Prezelski - 10%

DISTRICT 30 - HOUSE Republicans (2 advance)

David Gowan - 34%

Ted Vogt - 29%

Doug Sposito - 12%

Kurt Knurr - 10%

Parralee Schneider - 9%

Brian Abbott - 7%

DISTRICT 30 - SENATE Republicans (1 advances)

Frank Antenori - 68%

Marian McClure - 32%

* Several races for second place too close to call. (Results are incomplete)