Republican state Sen. Frank Antenori has decided to run for state Senate rather than make another run for Congress.

Antenori, who finished third in the four-way GOP primary in the Congressional District 8 special election, said he thinks Republican Jesse Kelly is going to beat Democrat Ron Barber in the June 12 election.

"So it's not worth the hassle," said Antenori, who had been collecting signatures for both Congress and state Senate.

Antenori, who is on the ballot for state senator in Legislative District 10, is one of more than 100 statewide and local candidates to meet Wednesday's deadline to turn in nominating signatures, setting the lineup for the Aug. 28 primary election.

In other local races, county supervisor seats that have frequently gone uncontested over the past three elections will see challenges in all five districts, topped by a four-way Republican primary to replace retiring Republican Ann Day in District 1, with the winner then facing a Democratic challenge in the November general election. The four incumbents who are seeking new terms each have one challenger.

Martha McSally, who finished second to Kelly in the CD 8 primary, is on the ballot for what is now known as CD2, covering Southeastern Arizona. She says she'll withdraw if Kelly beats Barber in the June 12 special election. Political newcomer Mark Koskiniemi also qualified for that Republican primary.

On the Democratic side of CD2, Barber is joined by state Rep. Matt Heinz.

There will be six candidates vying for the U.S. Senate seat to be vacated by retiring Republican Jon Kyl. The Republican primary has four candidates: U.S. Rep. Jeff Flake, Wil Cardon, Bryan Hackbarth and Clair Van Steenwyk. On the Democratic side, former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona is challenged by David Ruben, a Tucson doctor.

Rep. Raúl Grijalva will face two challengers in the Democratic primary of the new CD3, covering the southwest portion of the state: Amanda Aguirre and Manny Arreguin. On the Republican side, Gabriela Saucedo Mercer will face Jaime Vasquez.

In CD3, which dips into northern Pima County, there will be two Democrats and four Republicans on the ballot. Ann Kirkpatrick and Wenona Benally Baldenegro will square off in the Democratic primary, while Jonathan Paton will be challenged by Patrick Gatti, Douglas Wade and Gaither Martin.

In the race for Pima County sheriff, five Republicans will face off in the primary to have a chance to challenge incumbent Democrat Clarence Dupnik.

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complete list of the candidates for statewide, Pima County and southern Arizona legislative races:

U.S. Senate

• Richard Carmona, Democrat

• David Ruben, Democrat

• Wil Cardon, Republican

• Jeff Flake, Republican

• Bryan Hackbarth, Republican

• Clair Van Steenwyk, Republican

• Sheila Bilyeu, Libertarian

Congressional District 1

• Wenona Benally Baldenegro, Democrat

• Ann Kirkpatrick, Democrat

• Patrick Gatti, Republican

• Gaither Martin, Republican

• Jonathan Paton, Republican

• Douglas Wade, Republican

• Anthony Prowell, Libertarian

Congressional District 2

• Ron Barber, Democrat

• Matt Heinz, Democrat

• Jesse Kelly, Republican

• Mark Koskiniemi, Republican

• Martha McSally, Republican

Congressional District 3

• Amanda Aguirre, Democrat

• Manny Arreguin, Democrat

• Raúl Grijalva, Democrat

• Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, Republican

• Jaime Vasquez, Republican

• Blanca Guerra, Libertarian

Congressional District 4

• Johnnie Robinson, Democrat

• Paul Gosar, Republican

• Ron Gould, Republican

• Rick Murphy, Republican

• Joe Pamelia, Libertarian

Legislative District 2


• Linda Lopez, Democrat


• Andrea Dalessandro, Democrat

• Rosanna Gabaldón, Democrat

• John Christopher Ackerley, Republican

Legislative District 3


• Olivia Cajero Bedford, Democrat

• Maria Garcia, Democrat


• Sally Ann Gonzales, Democrat

• Macario Saldate, Democrat

Legislative District 4


• Lynne Pancrazi, Democrat


• Juan Carlos Escamilla, Democrat

• Charlene Fernandez, Democrat

• Lisa Otondo, Democrat

Legislative District 9


• Steve Farley, Democrat

• Tyler Mott, Republican


• Dustin Cox, Democrat

• Mohur Sarah Sidhwa, Democrat

• Victoria Steele, Democrat

• Ethan Orr, Republican

Legislative District 10


• David Bradley, Democrat

• Frank Antenori, Republican


• Stephanie Mach, Democrat

• Brandon Patrick, Democrat

• Bruce Wheeler, Democrat

• Todd Clodfelter, Republican

• Ted Vogt, Republican

Legislative District 11


• Jo Holt, Democrat

• Al Melvin, Republican

• Kim Allen, Libertarian


• Dave Joseph, Democrat

• Adam Kwasman, Republican

• Steve Smith, Republican

Legislative District 14


• Patricia Fleming, Democrat

• Gail Griffin, Republican


• Robert Leach, Democrat

• Mark Stonebraker, Democrat

• David Gowan, Republican

• David Stevens, Republican

Pima County supervisor District 1

• Nancy Young Wright, Democrat

• Mike Hellon, Republican

• Stuart McDaniel, Republican

• Ally Miller, Republican

• Vic Williams, Republican

Pima County supervisor District 2

• Ramón Valadez, Democrat

• James Kelley, Republican

Pima County supervisor District 3

• Sharon Bronson, Democrat

• Tanner Bell, Republican

Pima County supervisor District 4

• Ray Carroll, Republican

• Sean Collins, Republican

Pima County supervisor District 5

• Richard Elías, Democrat

• Fernando Gonzales, Republican

Pima county attorney

• Barbara LaWall, Democrat

• Claudia Ellquist, Green

Pima County sheriff

• Clarence Dupnik, Democrat

• Terry Frederick, Republican

• Vinson Holck, Republican

• Chester Manning, Republican

• Mark Napier, Republican

• Walter Setzer, Republican

• Dave Croteau, Green

Pima County recorder

• F. Ann Rodriguez, Democrat

• Bill Beard, Republican

Pima County treasurer

• Elaine Richardson, Democrat

• Beth Ford, Republican

Pima County assessor

• Bill Staples, Republican

Pima County school superintendent

• Linda Arzoumanian, Republican

• Mace Bravin, Republican

Pima County justice of the peace Precinct 2

• Jose Luis Castillo, Democrat

Pima County justice of the peace Precinct 4

• Carmen Dolny, Democrat

Pima County justice of the peace Precinct 6

• Paul Simon, Democrat

Pima County justice of the peace Precinct 9

• Maria Felix, Democrat

Pima County justice of the peace Precinct 10

• Jack Peyton, Republican

Constable Precinct 1

• John Rademaker, Democrat

• David Lester, Republican

Constable Precinct 4

• James Driscoll, Democrat

Constable Precinct 6

• Geoffrey Belitsos, Democrat

• Bennett Bernal, Democrat

Constable Precinct 7

• R.C. Brown, Republican

Constable Precinct 8

• Mary Dorgan, Democrat

Constable Precinct 9

• Colette Philip, Democrat

• Marisa Suarez, Democrat

Constable Precinct 10

• Vince Roberts, Republican

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