Governor-elect Raul Castro in his Tucson office on Nov. 6, 1974, the morning after winning the governor's race. 

Tucson Citizen file photo

Test your mastery of policical history and odd facts. Answers are in a related story at the end of this one so it's harder to cheat. A collection of historic political photos are attached to this story. 

1. Who is the first governor to actually be born in the state of Arizona?

2. What athletically inclined former Arizona governor was elected to his sport's national hall of fame?

3. Carl Hayden is famous for representing Arizona in the United States Senate for seven terms. What did he do before starting his 42-year Senate marathon?

4. Who was our first woman governor?

5. Who was the first Tucsonan elected governor?

6. What governor spent the shortest time in office?

7. What state has seen the largest number of its native sons and daughters become governor of Arizona?

8. How many of Arizona's 22 governors spent time as Secretary of State before moving into the executive office? How many were actually elected to their first term?

9. Everyone knows Arizonan Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman U.S. Supreme Court justice. But what Arizonan almost beat her out for that honor 15 years earlier?

10. Who is the only Arizonan to serve as majority leader in either house of Congress?

11. What significant relics of three presidential administrations can be found in Tucson?

12. Of the 52 delegates to Arizona's 1910 constitutional convention, which county supplied the most?

13. Arizona's constitution was ratified by Congress and signed by President Taft in February 1912. Less than nine months later, Arizona voters went to the polls and approved a radical change. What did they do?

14. Members of the Udall family are dotted throughout Arizona political history at all levels of government, including two who served as mayors of Phoenix. What sets them apart from, arguably, the most storied member of the clan, former U.S. Rep. Morris K. Udall?

15. How was Isabella Greenway, Arizona's first woman elected to Congress, introduced to politics?

16. Presidents Barack Obama, and before him, George W. Bush, have made Arizona a regular stopping off place. But who was the first sitting president to visit Arizona?

17. What did retiring U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl do before going into politics?

18. What current state lawmaker replaced Gabrielle Giffords in the state Senate when Giffords resigned to run for Congress?

19. What state lawmaker has the most kids?

20. Who was the last Democrat to carry Arizona in a presidential election?

21. Who was the last Tucson's last mayor to go on to higher public office?

22. Who were Arizona's first U.S. senators?

23. Which U.S. senator from Arizona holds the record for longest tenure in office?

24. Which Arizona U.S. senator holds the record for shortest time in office?

25. Who is the only politician to serve Arizona at the highest level of all three branches of government - executive, legislative and judicial?

26. Which political party has had more U.S. senators in Arizona?

27. Which political party, Democrats or Republicans, has had more Arizonans in Congress?I28. What former governor's son has tried three times unsuccessfully to follow in his father's footsteps?

28. What former governor's son has tried three times unsuccessfully to follow his father's footsteps?

29. Who is the youngest person elected to represent Arizona in Congress?

30. How many women have represented Arizona in Congress?

31. What year did Arizona gets its second seat in Congress?

32. Who are the only two people who have been governor of Arizona and also represented the state in the U.S. Senate?

33. Who are the only father and son to serve Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives?

34. How many years had John McCain lived in Arizona before being elected to his first term in office?

35. Who is the oldest first-term U.S. representative elected from Arizona?