PHOENIX - Felecia Rotellini will be the Democratic nominee for state attorney general.

David Lujan conceded late Thursday that he could not make up the more than 1,400 votes he would need to take the lead in the three-way race. He said he called Rotellini to congratulate her, although he couldn't reach her and said he left a voice message.

Whom Rotellini will face, however, remains undecided.

As of late Thursday, state school Superintendent Tom Horne led former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas by fewer than 500 votes. Matthew Benson, spokesman for the Secretary of State's Office, said there still were an estimated 34,000 early ballots that had not yet been tabulated, along with 20,000 "provisional" ballots cast by people whose registration was questioned.

The lion's share - 25,000 uncounted early ballots and 12,000 provisional ballots - comes from Maricopa County; comparable figures for Pima County late Thursday were 1,500 early ballots and 3,500 provisional ballots.

Lujan, who has been House minority leader for the last two years, conceded that the outstanding ballots aren't likely to fall in his favor, as the latest count showed Rotellini gathering more votes in not just the two most populous counties but also in Yavapai and Mohave counties.

He said having a three-way race may have hurt his chances, with Vince Rabago picking up more than 48,000 votes out of nearly 275,000 tallied so far.

"When you have two males and a woman (in the race), that's a good combination for Felecia in a Democratic primary," Lujan said.

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