A bill to give free fishing licenses to Eagle Scouts seemed certain to breeze through the state House last week.

But when it made it to the floor for debate Thursday, Rep. Steve Farley, a Tucson Democrat, moved to extend the same courtesy to the Girl Scouts. His amendment went down on party lines.

Opponents said they didn't want to siphon too much money from the state, but Farley was still miffed the next day at a local news conference, saying if Republicans won't work with him for the Girl Scouts, he despairs of a bipartisan fix for the state budget.

There's a bigger risk than ticking off Democrats, though. What if they get blacklisted for future orders of Thin Mints?

Beep Beep

Rodney Glassman's children's book on water harvesting is ready for unveiling at a launch party next month.

Some Tucson figures play prominently in the book, which features the artwork of 50 local students and will target first- through third-graders. The main character, Jeremy Jackrabbit, shares a first name with Glassman's brother.

And Jeremy gets some assistance from a roadrunner named Raúl and a mouse named Ramona, who happens to share a name with Mrs. Grijalva. While we can't say the sitting District 7 congressman has the sleek silhouette of the roadrunner, we have seen him outmaneuver some would-be predators over the years.

Beep beep.

At any rate, the Grijalvas will be hosting the reading at the Loft Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 6.

a horse is a horse

The state of Arizona has an official bird, flower, gemstone and fish. It even has official state neckwear.

And the ringtail is its official mammal, that's not stopping a group that wants the state Legislature to adopt the Colonial Spanish horse as the official state equine.

Now, if they were open to a bill that would name the official state horse's hind end, Notebook has a couple of candidates in mind.

Balancing act

Gubernatorial hopeful and state Treasurer Dean Martin has a new Web site - AZCheckbook.com - that gives monthly updates on where the state is getting its money and how it's spending it, with daily data on the current cash balance in operating fund.

Complete with colorful, handy pie charts, the site lets users scroll through revenues and expenditures by department. Want to see where stimulus dollars went or which department is getting the most overtime? Jump on.

Nothing like seeing a negative $464,000 in the operating balance column to make you feel better about your own checkbook.

No tea for J.D.?

U.S. Senate hopeful J.D. Hayworth was introduced - and then endorsed - by Congressional District 8 hopeful Jesse Kelly.

Granted, few outside of CD8 know Kelly - and even within the district his name ID is a little soft, but Hayworth may need all the help he can get.

He said he's betting on Tea Party support. He was one of the speakers, after all, at the group's Tucson Last Stand in October.

But local Tea Party organizers, Trent Humphries and Robert Mayer, were rather conspicuously not in attendance at Hayworth's announcement.

Humphries said the two are staying out of the primary.

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