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Fried Squirrel

serenades McSally

4-member folk band Fried Squirrel serenades McSally crowd. Say they call themselves Refried Squirrel @ Mexican weddings #azvote by Phil Villarreal

And then minutes later:

Band has left McSally central. Now the soundtrack is chatter. #azvote by Phil Villarreal

Meanwhile at Dems' HQ, Marriott at UA

Big crowd at Marriott. Cookies, chips, beef and swiss sandwiches. by Tony Davis

Paton's day began

at 3:45 a.m.

Jonathan Paton spoke informally with reporters. Said he is fired up, has been up since 3:45 a.m., campaigned all day. #CD1 #AZVOTE. by Stephanie Innes

Democratic Party head on changin' times

Jeff Rogers announces 30K Pima Cty vote lead for Carmona - used to be enough to pull a D in statewide but not since last census, he sez. by Tony Davis

Ain't nothing like the real thing

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough," proclaim Marvin and Tammi after Obama lead in Ohio flashes on TV screen at Marriott Tucson. by Tony Davis

Grijalva's crazy minutes

Couple of crazy minutes here, Grijalva took the podium and then the most recent numbers showed Obama with 243 electoral votes #azvote #rpa12 by DanielGaona13

270 scanners

I.T. kits being put to bed. Brad Nelson says approx 270 scanners were used in this election #azvote #election2012 by Hannah Gaber

Marriott comes unglued

Marriott at UA comes unglued as MSNBC calls it for Obama. Chants, applause, roars, signs waving. It's all over but the counting, they say. by Tony Davis

Sadness at Sheraton

Fox News called it for #Obama. A lot of sadness at #Tucson Sheraton where Republicans are gathered. #Azvote by Stephanie Innes

Say what?

David Malki @malki

BBC's coverage is telling me all about the race between Mitt Roumney and Berrick Ibaumer.

Fox News and Romney

CJ Werleman ?@rationalists

BREAKING: Romney and Fox NEWS won't conced ... this election, evolution, math, or the shape of the earth.

Bad time to shut down

Voting area 44 was down to 3 ballots when they closed Dave Stewart said! #azvote #election2012by Hannah Gaber

Election Day high

#RecordHeat: Today's high of 90° in #Tucson ties the record for warmest presidential #ElectionDay (last set in 1924) #KVOAwx Jeff Beamish (He's a meteorologist for KVOA Channel 4)

Election Day low

• Coolest Election Day in 20 yrs & 29-deg cooler thn 4 yrs ago when high was 71. Only 4 of 35 Election Days since 1872 cooler. 63% hv had rain. by Skilling (Tom Skilling is the head meteorologist for WGN News in Chicago)

- Compiled by Debbie Kornmiller