PHOENIX - Gov. Jan Brewer received $250,000 from a Las Vegas billionaire for her political action committee one day after the deadline that would have required her to publicly report it.

Records from the Federal Election Commission show Sheldon and Miriam Adelson gave a combined $250,000 on Oct. 19 to Jan PAC. The timing meant she could wait until a month after the election to report it.

The couple, who also contributed $30 million to independent campaigns to help elect Mitt Romney, are the largest contributors to Brewer's efforts to affect federal races, representing more than a quarter of the $909,268 that Brewer raised all year.

The governor, in the new post-election report, said she had spent $680,000 this year helping candidates in Arizona and elsewhere, including:

• A $35,567 mailer attacking Democratic congressional candidate Ann Kirkpatrick in CD 1 on behalf of Republican Jonathan Paton.

• $29,561 promoting Republican Martha McSally against incumbent Ron Barber in CD 2.

Both GOP contenders still lost.

That still leaves Brewer with $245,000 unspent after the election is over.

Neither Brewer nor her PAC spokesman returned calls for comment.

After getting the money, Brewer, along with some other Republicans, met privately with Adelson in Las Vegas when she attended a meeting of the Republican Governors Association last month. Adelson owns the Sands Hotel there.

The new report also provides some other details of the governor's spending.

She spent nearly $30,000 on robocalls urging people to support Romney. The report does not say if they were to Arizona residents or elsewhere.

She spent another $139,988 just days before the election on a get-out-the-vote mailer, again no details of the intended recipients.

What she will do with the remaining funds is unknown. She cannot use funds from a federal PAC on a campaign for another term, should she decide to seek one. State law limits Brewer to two terms, but some advisers contend the half term she served after taking over from Janet Napolitano doesn't count. Brewer hasn't said whether she will test that interpretation of the law.

When the governor first formed the PAC she said it was an outgrowth of her high-profile role on issues of illegal immigration and border security.

"I think it's important that we change the flavor in Washington, D.C.," she said at the time. "I think that I could be a big participant in having that happen."

But Brewer's cash has not translated into the change she wanted. Aside from losses by McSally and Paton, a Brewer-financed mailer aimed at Democrat Kyrsten Sinema failed to keep her from getting elected in the state's new CD9.

Brewer had better luck with $100,000 spent on a mailing for Jeff Flake to fill the seat being vacated by Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.