For the first election in years, Pima County didn't lag behind the rest of the state in counting ballots on election night.

It's not that Pima County got any faster. The rest of the state just got slower.

At 10:30 p.m., more than three hours after the polls closed, only about 21 percent of the vote had been counted both in Pima County and statewide.

Although Santa Cruz County reported a computer breakdown, no explanation was offered for the tardy tally elsewhere.

One thing the slow count won't be blamed on is a crush of Election Day voters. Early in the afternoon, Pima County Elections Director Brad Nelson reported turnout was very slow, perhaps not even measuring up to dismal pre-election forecasts. And that was before a sudden driving storm did what it could to discourage afternoon voters from turning out.


These results from Tuesday's election are far from complete. Early ballots that were not received by the county recorder until Tuesday won't be opened and processed until later this week. Uncounted Election Day ballots and provisional ballots also may not be included in the totals, all of which could influence the outcomes of close races. The Star will continue to update the results until they are final.