Although candidates for State House in District 9 all say education is a priority for Arizona, they disagree on how to pay for it.

Here's how they say they'll vote on Prop. 204, the sales tax proposition.

Ethan Orr, Republican — No on Prop. 204

A regressive tax will hurt the poor, he said, and the state shouldn't rely on a sales tax to fund education because the revenue will go up and down with the economy. He said the state should look for sustainable funding for education.

Victoria Steele, Democrat — Yes on Prop. 204

Arizona has cut per-student funding more than any other state, she said. Voters can't trust elected officials to fully fund schools, she said, so voters should create this guaranteed source of funding. "It takes education funding out of the political realm and that's what we need," she said.

Mohur Sarah Sidhwa — Yes on Prop. 204

She will reluctantly support Prop. 204. The tax is unfair and a burden on the poor, she said. "But even more wrong is an uneducated child," she said. The legislature has been "derelict" in funding education, she said. "Teachers and librarians are not a luxury."

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