Blanca Guerra

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The reason that Europe has a weakened economy is that their governments decided to have a socialist community. A community where the government oversees all programs and businesses. Gathering all the wealth of the nation to redistribute as leaders decide.

The health-care act is essentially socialized medicine. An immediate plan would be to open up the medical field in America. Expanding the professions and ideology to alternative medicine from non- invasive options to preventive medicine. Encouraging more promotion of education in dieting for health and eating right. This idea would allow expansion of medical fields, creating new opportunities for medical students and an alternative to pharmaceuticals for the public while supporting farmers.

Europe has also suffered from many involvements in foreign wars. Our nation's first president warned of those groups who would stand to benefit from wars.

I propose a commission whose duties are to negotiate and mediate foreign issues that may threaten wars upon the United States and our allies, unlike NATO, which takes a enforcer-type of position with other nations instead of a resolver of problems.

Our nation was built from small independent businesses. Presently our government's policies and regulations advocate for those wealthier groups. I will investigate and move to change those regulations that keep the small businesses from starting up. I will propose to redirect tax benefits to small businesses. I would also offer tax breaks to those businesses who employ people and lessen the automation of their industry.

Finally, I support limited government. I would reopen negotiations to the plan that partisanship wars shut down, NAFTA. I would move to close those taxpayer-funded agencies that are not needed and are just an intrusion of Uncle Sam. The USADA, United States Anti-Doping Agency, as all the professional sport teams have their own management associations that profit millions of dollars from the public. This agency should not exist.

In conclusion, we need to limit excessive spending, redirect funds to promote job creation, create profitable resolution instead of Band-Aid ideas.

Guerra is the Libertarian candidate in District 3, which includes the south and west sides of Tucson plus much of southwestern Arizona.