Political signs are massed at many major intersections throughout town, including these at East Broadway and Kino Parkway. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, candidates will get a few extra days to remove them.


Now that the election is over, relief from campaign signs lining every street is just around the sign-clutterd corner.

Tucson has gotten a year's worth of signage, with special and regular elections in February, April, June, August and November keeping the campaign season running virtually the entire year.

Under state law, campaign workers are supposed to take down signs within 15 days of the election, said Teresa Williams, who handles city code enforcement.

But since that date lands on the day before Thanksgiving, city and county workers won't be removing past-due signs from the public right of way until the last week of the month.

Signs on private property must be removed within 10 days after the election, said Tom Drzazgowski, deputy chief zoning inspector at Pima County.

That means signs in front yards and business driveways should come down by Nov. 16.

Penalties start at a warning letter and go up to citations with up to $750 fines.

Code-enforcement hotline

To report signs causing safety problems or signs that remain standing after the deadline, call the city's code-enforcement hotline at 791-5843.

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