Outside groups have spent more than $8 million already on Southern Arizona's federal races.

National party groups and PACs have spent almost $4 million on media supporting or opposing candidates who hope to represent Southern Arizona in the U.S. House of Representatives - with most of that aimed at swaying voters in Congressional District 1 where Republican Jonathan Paton and Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick are facing off.

These groups have also spent more than $4.3 million on the U.S. Senate race pitting Democrat Richard Carmona against Republican Jeff Flake.


National parties and PACs have spent nearly $3.2 million on the CD1 race through Tuesday, show FEC reports. Of that, $1.82 million has been spent backing Paton while about $1.37 million has been spent to support Kirkpatrick.

Most of that money has come from a few groups.

• The American Future Fund: $442,000 supporting Paton.

• The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee: $918,000 supporting Kirkpatrick.

• The National Republican Congressional Committee: $1.38 million supporting Paton.


In the CD2 race in which Democrat Ron Barber is facing Republican Martha McSally, outside groups have spent $735,900 so far.

• The Democratic House Majority Pac: $452,000 supporting Barber.

• The NRCC: $269,000 supporting McSally.

• The National Rifle Association: $13,000 supporting McSally.


The only money spent in the CD3 race is a $1.54 ad paid for by the National Right to Life Political Action Committee to support Republican Gabriela Saucedo Mercer, who is facing Democrat Raúl Grijalva.

U.S. Senate

Several groups have poured in big money:

• National Republican Senatorial Committee: $1.23 million supporting Flake.

• Democratic Senatorial Congressional Committee: $984,600 in support of Carmona.

• Club for Growth: $783,000 to support Flake.

• Freedomworks for America: $626,000 supporting Flake.

• Majority Pac: $405,000 in support of Flake.

Although the races in question are in Arizona, the bulk of the super PAC spending went to political consultants in the Washington, D.C., area. Among the biggest winners:

• $1.5 million went to National Media Research, Planning and Placement LLC, a top Republican communications firm based in Alexandria, Va., that supervised media for the 2000 and 2004 George W. Bush campaigns, according to its website.

• $882,000 went to Great American Media, which new reports show has received millions to produce campaigns in support of Democratic candidates. It is registered in Delaware, and little information is publicly available about the group.

• $776,000 went to Waterfront Strategies, which news reports show is likewise a favorite of Democratic super PACs. Like Great American Media, it is registered in Delaware, and little is publicly available.

• $361,000 went to Mentzer Media Services Inc., a Maryland-based group that has been linked to several conservative super PACs.