Republican Congressional candidate Martha McSally will vie for attention of World Cup soccer fans beginning today by airing a new political ad on four channels airing matches.

The ad comes with a bit of a twist — itwill be broadcast in English and in Spanish. In addition to ABC, the ad will run on ESPN, ESPN2 and Univision.

The ad is first set to appear today during the opening match between Brazil and Croatia. The ad will also appear in televised matches of the U.S. and Mexico teams.

In addition to the World Cup TV ad, ads will also be placed on Hispanic TV news, on Hispanic radio and in Spanish-language newspapers.

A spokesperson for the Congressional District 2 Republican would not comment on how much the campaign spent for the ad. However, according to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission, each of the six airings of the ad on ABC will cost the campaign $1,100 apiece.

McSally said in a prepared release that by running ads in English and Spanish she hopes “to reach greater audiences who may be missed by traditional mediums.”Political analyst Chris Herstam said the bilingual ad buy is a good strategy.

“Martha McSally’s strategy is not a traditional Republican approach,” Herstam said.

Political consultant Adam Kinsey is skeptical, saying voters want to connect with a candidate and doubts a 30-second ad will touch on any substantial political position. 

Kinsey said airing ads in Spanish and English likely won’t make any inroads with undecided voters.