State Rep. Ethan Orr will end the day with one less title, leaving the executive director position he has held at local nonprofit for the last decade.

The freshman Republican said the six months he spent in the Phoenix in session at the Legislature took a toll , but denies he had a falling out with the founder of Linkages, car dealer Jim Click, over his political decisions.

Click, who is expected to meet with Orr this afternoon, offered unwavering support to the man he selected in 2004 to run the non-profit dedicated to helping people with developmental disabilities get job training.

The announcement comes on the heels of a signature challenge aimed at throwing Orr off the ballot and a Republican group naming him as a “legistraitor” and targeting him for defeat.

Click said he continues to support the LD9 lawmaker and will help Orr fight the lawsuit filed by Democrats.

He denied rumors that there was problems over political decisions made by Orr since being elected.

Orr said the dual positions — serving full-time as Linkages’ executive director in Tucson and part-time as a state legislator in Phoenix — became too difficult to manage.

He said he plans to ask Click to mentor him as he launches a new nonprofit called Simply Clean and Green. It will help those with disabilities learn job skills to work in janitorial and landscaping positions.

Orr said he hopes to launch the new business immediately, noting his actively looking to hire personnel.