Election workers unload vehicles delivering voting machines to the Pima County Elections Center.


The outcome of a number of closely contested Pima County races may not be known for days as 10,000 or more ballots remain to be verified and counted.

County election workers finished counting Election Day votes and early ballots delivered by Monday.

But that still leaves at least 8,000 early ballots that must be verified and counted, said Elections Director Brad Nelson.

In addition, many voters - perhaps more than 2,000, based on the number of phone calls to the Pima County Recorder's Office - had to cast provisional ballots Tuesday after they were told their names were not on the roster at the polls.

Nelson said that's more than normal because it appears errors were made in the voter rosters.

Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez said she doesn't know yet what caused the confusion, but those ballots will be counted.

Nelson expects to have a more exact number of uncounted ballots and an estimate on when they will be tabulated this afternoon.

People who voted by provisional ballots can track their ballot at recorder.pima.gov online. Click on "provisional status," put in your last name and the number on the receipt you were given, Nelson said. The receipt also has a toll-free phone number voters can call to make sure their vote is counted.