South Tucson Mayor Paul Diaz will be back on the ballot sooner than he may have anticipated.

The Pima County Recorder’s Office notified the recall committee earlier this week it has verified 222 of the 320 signatures his group turned in early November. The minimum number of signatures necessary to move forward with a recall is 183.

Diaz was elected to the City Council in 2011 and moved up to the mayor’s seat in 2013, when former mayor Jennifer Eckstrom resigned.

Of the 98 recall signatures the county rejected, 55 were not registered to vote, according to the Recorder’s Office.

The Diaz recall petition language focuses on a lack of transparency and public safety in the South Tucson.

“(Diaz) failed to uphold his campaign promises of transparency and public safety and is taking actions that are detrimental to South Tucson,” the petition states.

It says Diaz backed a new court system that would funnel people into substance-abuse treatment at a new facility.

South Tucson will set the date for the recall election in the coming weeks.

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