Congressional candidate Chuck Wooten has survived a legal challenge designed to throw him off the ballot in August.

Pima County Superior Court Judge Gus Aragón ruled Wednesday that 444 signatures collected by Wooten’s campaign before he registered as a Republican are valid, despite arguments made by lawyers representing former Tucson mayoral candidate Shaun McClusky.

The judge rejected arguments made by McClusky’s attorneys, who suggested those who signed Republican partisan nomination forms for Wooten while he was registered as PND — party not declared — may have been confused.

Wooten welcomed the verdict, saying he can now focus his energies on the Congressional District 2 Republican primary.

“Obviously we are delighted, we are campaigning and going full-speed ahead,” Wooten said.

An attorney representing McClusky, Eric Spencer, said no decision has been made on whether they will appeal the ruling.

Spencer, however, made several procedural requests during the two-hour trial specifically with an appeal in mind.

Wooten faces former Air Force Col. Martha McSally and small-business owner Shelley Kais in the Aug. 26 Republican primary in CD2.