If you are still hanging on to an early ballot, it is too late to mail it in, but there are several ways to turn it in between now and Tuesday, Election Day.

Today, you can drop it off at one of 10 early-voting sites that are set up around Tucson. The Pima County Recorder's Office sites are open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. today.

To find a list of the locations, go to www.recorder.pima.gov and click on "Early Voting/Replacement Ballot Sites." You can also call 724-4330 to get information on the sites.

There will be one location open Monday to drop off early ballots - the main recorder's office at 115 N. Church Ave.

On Election Day, voters can drop off a mail-in ballot at any county polling location (which can be found by going to www.recorder.pima.gov and clicking on "Polling Location") or at one of three Pima County recorder's office locations:

• Downtown: 115 N. Church Ave. (open Tuesday until 7 p.m.)

• East side: 6920 E. Broadway (open Tuesday until 5 p.m.)

• Country Club: 6550 S. Country Club Road (open Tuesday until 7 p.m.)