Sahuarita Lake could be leaky.

Consultants are to inspect the walls of the man-made lake next week. The town's staff has been letting the water level drop gradually for about five weeks.

It'll be the first time in the lake's 12 years that such an inspection will be done, and the lake is due for maintenance, said Farhad Moghimi, assistant town manager.

"Hopefully we can get it back up and running in no time," he said.

A notice posted on a Rancho Sahuarita website says the town will need to pump lake water into a basin near North Santa Cruz Park to bring down the water level still more in time for the inspection.

In May town workers saw some water leakage, according to contracting documents. The inspection should help find out why and whether repairs are needed, Moghimi said.

The Town Council will consider a $24,500 consulting contract and up to $200,000 for repair work at a meeting Monday.

The money is part of the town's planned spending on capital improvement projects.

The town should have a repair plan by the end of the month and any needed repairs should be done this summer, Moghimi said.

In the meantime, fishing and other recreation are still allowed on the lake, but fish won't be restocked until the fall, he said.

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