Parental custody

PHOENIX - The Arizona Senate voted 17-12, with all Democrats opposed, to impose new rules on when a divorced parent can move.

Current law allows a custodial parent to move up to 100 miles without permission of the former spouse. SB 1072 would require the parent to provide notice to the former spouse for any move, no matter how many - or few - additional miles away that would place the child, and give the other parent a chance to object and potentially trigger a court hearing.

Notice would be necessary only when there will be "material changes of circumstances affecting the best interests of the child." The bill says any move of less than two miles is presumed not to affect those interests, though there are exceptions. The House now takes up the proposal.

Guns in schools

The Senate voted on party lines Monday, with Democrats opposed, to let small rural school district boards decide if they want employees to be armed on campus. The bill, which now goes to the House, applies only to schools of fewer than 600 students that are at least 20 miles and 30 minutes away from the closest law-enforcement facilities.

Photo radar

A Senate panel voted to require an OK by state transportation officials for a city to install or maintain photo enforcement on any state highway. The bill, headed to the full Senate, would not affect radar or red-light cameras on city streets.

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