The City Council has approved a $1.5 million settlement offer to the family of a 10-year-old girl who died after a mistake-ridden 911 call.

The June 1, 2011, call came from an urgent-care center in Marana about a girl who arrived unconscious from an asthma attack.

After a series of human and technical errors, a city 911 dispatcher initially routed emergency crews to an address near downtown Tucson. After additional calls, girl was eventually flown to a hospital where she died.

The city, which provided dispatch services for multiple public-safety agencies in the region, had installed a new system a few days earlier and was experiencing significant problems with dropped calls and other technical malfunctions.

The girl's parents asserted their daughter would have survived if she had received prompt medical attention.

Later that year, the parents filed a claim against the city for $4 million.

The claim noted some of the problems the city experienced with the new system it installed at its 911 call center in May 2011.

City Attorney Mike Rankin said he expects this should resolve the legal issue.

Even though nothing can ease the pain of losing a child, Councilman Steve Kozachik said he hopes this provides the family some comfort.

"Money can't heal the wounds the family feels," Kozachik said. "But hopefully, getting this resolved will help bring them some level of closure."

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