Mayor Satish Hiremath, left, and challenger Patrick Straney

Oro Valley voters will choose between two established community leaders when they vote for mayor next month.

At stake in this election are civility, integrity and teamwork, challenger Patrick Straney said in a campaign statement.

“We can choose to remain mired in dissent and discord — aptly characterized by the current personal attacks and disruptive exclusionary control of discussions regarding the Town of Oro Valley business — or we can demand a leadership that is respectful of all citizen input, and an elected governance that thoughtfully considers differences of opinion.”

Incumbent Satish Hiremath disagrees that the Town Council is divided.

He said 4-3 split council votes happened only 15 percent of the time in the past two years and the town has made “remarkable progress.”

“Trying to always look for that happy medium and trying to find the balance has really been key,” Hiremath said.

He said he has tried to make logical decisions even when he’s facing political attacks. “You’ve got to stand strong,” he said, “until the time when you can say, ‘See? This is why we did it.’”

The Star asked the candidates to spend an hour showing us the town. Find their stories on Page A5.

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