Oro Valley town manager Greg Caton

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Oro Valley voters will vote on the “Home Rule” in the primary election, Proposition 414.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is the Home Rule?

A formula in the State Constitution limits the town’s spending to $42.4 million unless voters approve a Local Alternative Expenditure Limitation Option, also known as the Home Rule option.

This allows the town “to determine our own spending limits at the local level during the town’s budget-planning process, which ensures the budget is based upon local needs, service levels and available resources,” Town Manager Greg Caton said at a political event last month.

The town’s projected spending for Fiscal Year 2015 is $112.8 million.

The Home Rule doesn’t affect tax rates.

Has Home Rule been approved before?

The issue comes up every four years and Oro Valley voters have approved the Home Rule option since 1982, Caton said.

Should I vote yes or no?

A “yes” vote lets the town set its own spending limit.

A “no” vote would limit spending to the state-formula amount, which means major cuts in town services, Caton said.

What do town leaders think?

Both mayoral candidates and all four Town Council candidates support the Home Rule.

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