It sounds so fantastic, it should be part of a fictional biography for a new G.I. Joe toy action figure.

Putting aside the choice of a new code name for now, the biography might read like this:

“A trained attorney and accountant who has rubbed elbow-to-elbow with Washington, D.C., politicians and important business owners in the Arizona desert, this new recruit has trained herself to fend off would-be attackers in the dark of night — able to shoot someone even with her eyes closed.”

The inspiration for the bio comes from a taped conversation Christine Jones had with a television reporter this week, explaining she actually does target practice with her Heckler & Koch compact 9 mm handgun with her eyes closed. 

Asked why she shoots at gun ranges with her eyes closed, Jones said she wants to be able to protect herself in her home at night.

“Because chances are if somebody attacks you, it’s gonna be in the night,” Jones told Phoenix television station KSAZ.

Photo fatigue

Earlier this week, Congressional District 1 candidate Adam Kwasman was sending out emails asking supporters to come to a fundraiser featuring Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 

One of the perks for showing up with your wallet to the event? A picture with America’s toughest sheriff, provided you are willing to part with $500.

It is a bit steep just to update your Facebook photo or even your annual Christmas card, but CD3 Republican candidate Gabriela Saucedo Mercer is going to get as much mileage as she can from her photos.

Her social-media strategy these days is all about Gabby getting pictured with top Republican leaders, including the good sheriff and controversial former state Sen. Russell Pearce.

Saucedo Mercer has posted the same photo of her standing next to Sarah Palin 44 times in three days on Twitter.

Thomas irritating
everyone equally

GOP gubernatorial candidate Andrew Thomas has got some big-name politicians to take notice of his campaign, but not in a good way. 

And not from members of the GOP, who can vote in that party’s primary at the end of this month.

No. Thomas has caught the attention of candidates Fred DuVal, Felecia Rotellini and Terry Goddard — all Democrats seeking statewide offices — are calling on heavy hitters in the Republican Party to denounce Thomas’ latest ads. 

So what’s in the controversial ads that have Democrats so upset? They say he will stand up to the “gay lobby,” a term the Democrats find unacceptable.

“Andy Thomas’ mailer is mean-spirited and hateful,” DuVal said in a prepared release. “This is yet another example of a politician using overheated rhetoric to attract attention.”

Reporter Becky Pallack contributed to this story.

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