Field 1 Field 2 Field 3
Street name Begin/End Miles
10th Av 19th St to 22nd St 0.5
22nd St I-10 Frontage Rd (West) to I-10 Frontage Rd (East) 0.07
29th St Craycroft Rd to Wilmot Rd 1.09
44th St 12th Av to 10th Av 0.17
6th Ave 18th St 0.17
AjoWy Kino Ajo Connection Ramp 0.37
Broadway Bl Craycroft Rd to Wilmot Rd 1.02
Craycroft Rd Glenn St to Grant Rd 0.31
Drexel Rd Mission Rd to Mahan Dr 0.98
El Camino Del Cerro Silverbell Rd to 1-10 Frontage Rd (West) 0.68
Golf Links Rd Ajo Wy to Swan Rd 1.93
Golf Links Rd Swan Rd 1.1
Grande Av/Cushing St Roundabout Congress St to Grande Av/Cushing St Roundabout 0.1
Grant Rd Beverly Av to Craycroft Rd 0.24
Houghton Rd Rita Rd to Old Vail Rd 0.47
Mary Ann Cleveland Wy Houghton Rd 3.4
Mountain Av Roger Rd to Fort Lowell Rd 1
Oak Tree Dr Drexel Rd to Headley Rd 1.55
Old Vail Rd Rita Rd to Houghton Rd 0.23
Prince Rd Mountain Av 0.03
Roger Rd Mountain Av 0.05
Silverbell Rd El Camino Del Cerro 0.05
Stone Av 18th St 0.02
WilmotRd I-10 Exit Ramp (South) to Hermans Rd 3.23
WilmotRd 29th St 0.09
WilmotRd Broadway Bl to Park Place Dr 0.41
Total 19.26
Seat Coat
10th Av 40th St (City Limits) to 43rd St 0.2
10th Ave 43rd St to 44th St 0.05
12th Av 38th St to 42nd St 0.3
12th Ave 42nd St to 44th St 0.19
6th Av 23rd St to 25th St 0.2
Alvernon Wy Broadway Bl 0.1
Bilby Rd Nogales Hy to Park Av 0.3
Bilby Rd Del Moral to Campbell Av 0.3
Broadway Bl Stewart A to Williams Bl 3.1
Broadway Bl Euclid Av to ParkAv 0.3
Church Av Congress St to Broadway Bl 0.05
Church Av Pennington St to Congress St 0.1
Country Club Rd Broadway Bl 0.1
Euclid Av Broadway Bl to 12th St 0.1
Glenn St Swan Rd to Craycraft Rd 1
Glenn St Stone Av to Alvernon Wy 3.6
Glenn St Oracle Rd to Stone Av 0.3
Goret Rd Gaia PI to Silverbell Rd 0.5
Gore! Rd Silverbell Rd 0
Greasewood Rd Speedway Bl 0.69
Pima St Swan Rd to Tanque Verde Rd 1.7
Roger Rd Oracle Rd. to 1st Av 1.1
Saint Marys Rd Frontage Rd (West) 0.15
Speedway Bl Wilmot Rd to Kolb Rd 1
Speedway Bl Frontage Rd (West) to Frontage Rd (East) 0.13
Tucson Bl Glenn St 0.1
Total 15.66
Mill and Overlay
22nd St Houghton Rd 0.5
22nd St Craycraft Rd to Wilmot Rd 1
22nd St Swan Rd to Craycraft Rd 0.9
Auto Mall Or/Fairview Wetmore to Oracle Rd 0.6
Grande Av Congress St 0.1
Grande Av Grande Av/Cushing St to Mission Ln 0.6
Grant Rd Wilmot Rd to Tanque Verde Rd 0.5
Houghton Rd I-10 Exit Ramp (South) to Dawn Rd 2.7
Kolb Rd Tanque Verde Rd to Speedway Bl 1
Kolb Rd Speedway Bl to Broadway Bl 1
Kolb Rd Broadway Bl to 21st St 0.9
Kolb Rd 22nd St to Golf Links Rd 0.7
Tucson Bl Valencia Rd to City Limits 0.8
Wetmore Rd Fairview Ave 0
Total 11.3
CampbellAv University Bl to Broadway Bl ,0.7WetmoreRd,Oracle to Stone Ave,0.4WetmoreRd,1st Ave,0.4,Total,1.5,,,Total for all projects,47.72 0.7
Wetmore Road Oracle Road to Stone Avenue 0.4
Wetmore 1st Avenue 0.4
Total 1.5