The city reinforces some of its most-stolen signs in an effort to reduce thefts.

Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star

It was bound to happen. The decision to name an east-side street “Stoner Avenue” has led to several thefts of street signs over the last few years.

City officials won’t say how often people have stolen the green-and-white street marker over the last few years, but it isn’t surprising to find a reference to reefer in the top 5 of stolen street signs.

Yes, top 5. City officials have said they don’t keep track of which signs are stolen, but they were able to cobble together a list of those targeted by thieves in the past.

A girl’s name again appears on the list — last week Pima County officials put Michelle Lane and Nicole Place in its top 10 list — proving that impressing a woman can often drive someone into a life of petty crime.

The top 5 include:

Stoner Avenue

Jessica Avenue

Gay Street

Easy Street

Players Club Drive

Sign theft, city officials have said, has declined over the last few years as they have taken extra steps to secure them to their metal poles.

With the city only willing to offer up five street names, the Road Runner opened up a map of other streets that any bird brain might see as candidates to fill out a city Top 10.

Maybe fans of Hunter Thompson would want to put the hard-to-find American Dream (Place) sign on their walls.

Those who already picked up the Stoner Avenue sign might have cast a hungry eye on the signs for Stoner Place (is there a theme here) and High Avenue before they got the munchies.

Whiskey lovers take note: There is a Wild Turkey Lane but it is out in Oro Valley, not Tucson.

Comic-book fans might have considered stealing the Ghost Rider (Pass) street sign before going to the San Diego Comic-Con or the Phoenix Comicon.

This Road Runner wants to remind those thinking about stealing any kind of sign that it is a crime. Surprise. Surprise. In some rare cases, a thief could be charged with a felony if the missing signs results in a traffic accident.

To report stolen or damaged street signs within city limits, call 791-3154.

Down the Road

Southern Arizona Paving Co., under contract with the city’s Department of Transportation, will begin paving improvements today along Rita Road from the Union Pacific Railroad Tracks to Science Park Drive.

Work hours for the project will be 6 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday

Crews with the Arizona Department of Transportation will begin work Tuesday on a 14-mile segment of Arizona 80 east of Tombstone. The two-lane highway will be restricted to one lane from 8:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. each day through Thursday.

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