It has been over a year since Damion Alexander first learned about tacks being spread over routes popular with cyclists.

He posted a $3,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible, but that hasn’t generated any concrete leads.

Luckily, the tacks are mostly an inconvenience to most cyclists — requiring them to buy a new inner tube for about five bucks.

Yet, he doesn’t rule out the possibility the tacks could lead to more serious injuries down the road.

A cyclist going 40 mph when his tire blows out could be seriously hurt.

The tacks have been found along a portion of Catalina Highway, along Gates Pass Road and near the intersection of University Boulevard and First Avenue.

He says the routes are frequented by cyclists of all ages, including a local youth cycling team named El Grupo.

The tacks became the talk of local cyclists community last week after a person posted to their Facebook wall that they had bought tacks ahead of the next El Tour de Tucson.

Some filed police reports while others were saddened by such behavior.

Richard DeBernardis called the post “a stupid and dangerous act”.

Officials are investigating and, for the time being, Alexander’s reward remains unclaimed.


Q: Gary Freiburger writes:

“Has the timing been changed on the light at River Road and First Avenue? When I’m headed north on First during the evening rush hour it can take me three lights to get through the intersection. I’ve only noticed this during the last 4-6 weeks so it can’t just be students and snowbirds!”

A: Michael Hicks with the city of Tucson says the issue has been addressed after hearing about Freiburger’s complaint.

“Crews from TDOT’s Traffic Engineering Division visited the intersection and readjusted the timing to assist with northbound and southbound progression,” he wrote.

When motorists traveling within the city limits find a malfunctioning traffic signal system, they are asked to call TDOT’s Streets and Traffic Maintenance Division to report the problem.

The number is 791-3154.

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