Pima County Supervisor and chair of the board Sharon Bronson is reacting to allegations of cronyism recently made by Supervisor Ally Miller in another publication. 

In the op-ed, Miller accused the rest of the board of "cronyism" for their decision to redirect roughly $872,000 in road maintenance funds once earmarked for mostly neighborhood projects in her district to be used to fix a section of Colossal Cave Road in Supervisor Ray Carroll's district.

Bronson responded, saying in no uncertain terms the decision was not political retribution.

"Let me state this unequivocally: This decision was not about cronyism, as has been alleged by my District 1 colleague. This decision was not about retaliation or even about picking favorites. This decision was about one thing and one thing only: saving children," Bronson wrote.

"Colossal Cave Road is not in my district. But this one-mile, two-lane road is bisected by multiple railroad tracks and runs by not only 100 percent of the businesses in that area, but also two schools serving approximately 1,400 elementary and middle school students."

Bronson also notes while nearly a million dollars has be redirected, one of the biggest recipients of current county funding going into all types of road projects (not just the $5 million road repair budget) is Miller's district.

The decision to cut funding out of Miller's district was part of a discussion Miller had asked to be put on the agenda.

Miller has also taken to the airwaves as well to fight the decision made roughly two weeks ago, offering her own theories as to the motives behind political action and vowing to make a complaint directly to Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne.

It should be noted the county transportation staff has historically backed some neighborhood projects, but the difference this year is that Miller directly lobbied staff to fix streets based on her staff's recommendations. 

A little more than week ago, Miller called 911 after Supervisor Ramón Valadez noted one of the road projects Miller had successfully shifted funding to was less than a block away from her home. 

Bronson's full op-ed, released to the Daily Star, is attached.

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