City of Tucson garbage trucks dumping their garbage at the Los Reales Landfill after picking up city residential garbage Friday February 17, 2012, in Tucson, Arizona. Photo by Benjie Sanders/Arizona Daily Star

Benjie Sanders/Arizona Daily Sta

Some people think Valentine's Day is just a bunch of garbage. This year it is.

A few dozen Tucsonans are celebrating the holiday in the trashiest way possible.

After a year's hiatus, the city is hosting its first public group tour of Los Reales Landfill, with a new stop at the recently opened ReCommunity Tucson recycling facility.

It's a quirky option for those whose love lives are down in the dumps - or for those whose relationships are sustainable enough to "waste" part of the day.

The date of the tour is purely coincidental, said the city's environmental services spokeswoman, Cristina Polsgrove.

About 40 participants, who had to sign up in advance for the nearly four-hour tour, will board a bus and head to the ReCommunity facility, 3780 E. Ajo Way, where they'll learn about how recyclable materials are sorted and sold.

From there, the bus heads to the graveyard of mementos from old lovers, also known as Los Reales Landfill.

There, participants will get the scoop on how the site is lined to protect the groundwater, the water-treatment system, how methane gas produced by the landfill is converted to energy and plans to build separate entrances for residents and commercial haulers, Polsgrove said.

And if that's not romantic enough, they'll also learn how household hazardous waste is disposed of.

When the city offered the tours on a regular basis, they were a popular draw, she said.

It gives the public the chance to see what happens to their waste and hopefully encourages them to recycle more.

"I'd like for people to think about, when they're throwing stuff away, is there a way I can reduce my waste?" Polsgrove said.

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