Mayor Jonathan Rothschild may have found a backup plan to fix our crumbling streets if Proposition 409 fails today: a Rod Stewart benefit concert.

Rothschild reached out to the sexagenarian rocker recently when the British television show "Loose Women" contacted the mayor about Stewart's standing in Tucson.

Seems Stewart was banned by the owners of a Tucson hotel 40 years ago after a night of debauchery, leading some to believe he wasn't welcome in the Old Pueblo.

"They sent an email saying Mr. Stewart was going to be on the show," Rothschild said. "Apparently, he has a new autobiography coming out and, in the autobiography, he referenced his stay in Tucson one evening."

Rothschild responded to the request by writing that "while I cannot speak to any legal obligations he may have, I can say that Mr. Stewart is welcome in our city, and we would be happy to have him visit."

Rothschild wasn't certain what Stewart actually did back then. But a 2005 Stewart biography describes the Tucson incident as the "peak of destruction" for Stewart and his former bandmates in Faces.

According to the biography, Stewart and his band trashed several rooms and a miniature train at an unidentified local hotel in retribution for the hotel bar being temporarily closed.

Despite being banished, Faces did return to Tucson sometime after the incident. In order to secure a room in the same hotel, Stewart had the idea to check in under the name Fleetwood Mac. After settling in, they proceeded to engage in the same mayhem that got them banned in the first place.

A subsequent Stewart appearance in the 1980s, after he split from Faces, was apparently less problematic.

According to the Daily Express website, Stewart was "delighted" to hear about Rothschild's olive branch and asked for a copy of the email to show his former bandmates.

Rothschild couldn't resist employing some of Stewart's popular song titles in his email.

When describing the limitations of the mayor's office, Rothschild wrote that he couldn't guarantee that "any particular hotel will ask Stewart to 'Stay With Me.' Still, I hope there's 'Reason to Believe' Mr. Stewart will visit us again."

The mayor didn't broach the "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" topic.

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