Fans of the modern streetcar project might get a chance to see it humming along the electrified tracks today.

The city’s first streetcar — dubbed “101” by the city — will be running on a portion of 3.9-mile track this morning as well as on Friday.

The blue and gray electronic vehicle will start at the maintenance shop on Eighth Street, go to Fourth Avenue, then to University Boulevard, stopping at Third Avenue before returning to the city-owned facility.

The daytime tests allow new drivers a chance to get behind the wheel before getting their official certification, as well as allow the city to perform safety tests on the blue-and-silver-painted streetcar long before passenger starts service next summer.

Testing will take place between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on both days.

Previously, the streetcar has only been tested at night.

City officials said there is a possibility for nighttime testing along the streetcar route as well in the near future.

— Joe Ferguson