The failed Vail incorporation question on last month’s ballot cost county taxpayers roughly $10 for every vote cast.

The total cost of the ballot question, as calculated by the County Recorder’s Office and Elections Department, was $37,688 with only 3,775 votes cast.

A majority of the costs were associated with labor, from hiring temporary workers to staff polling places to the salaries for temporary work associated with the election.

Pima County is required by law to hold elections for communities that want to incorporate.

Roughly 55 percent of the total vote, some 2,065 voters, were not convinced that breaking away from Pima County and becoming their own town on the Tucson area’s far southeast side was a good idea.

Citizens for Vail, a pro-incorporation group behind Proposition 403, failed to convince residents that a newly incorporated town could live off just state-shared revenues to provide the bare minimum of services required under state law.

Their pitch had been the town would avoid raising taxes by saying “no” to other expenses for taxpayers.

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