A chance of showers.

A very slim chance, but a chance, nonetheless.

It's summer in the Old Pueblo, the National Weather Service has issued an excessive-heat warning - quelle surprise! - and anyone who has spent more than 20 minutes outside in the scorching midday sun gladly will latch on to even the slightest hope of a downpour. That slim chance is 10 percent for today, 20 percent for tonight.

But take heart, by Wednesday that number goes up to 40 percent.

However, even a welcome rain - and not just trace amounts - won't wash away the triple-digit heat the weather service guarantees for the next few days. Today's temperature is predicted to top out at between 108 and 113 degrees, after Saturday's 110 and the hottest day of the year so far-Friday's 111. The seven-day forecast predicts the month of 100-plus degree days likely will continue through the week.

Arizona Daily Star readers have been posting their thoughts on Facebook about the very high temperatures.

Friday Mathew Mullen kindly pointed out that it was hotter in Tucson than in Saudi Arabia, where it was a cool 104 degrees in Al-Khobar.

Gilbert Ybarra recalled an even hotter summer when he made a memorable stroll across the University of Arizona campus. The date is seared into his brain: June 26, 1990.

"I was a sophomore at the U of A and remember walking from the Harvill Building to the Franklin Building and thought, 'Hmm, why are my shoes so sticky?' It's because the asphalt was so hot, the surface was a bit soft and my shoe soles were melting along with it! 117 degrees ... today might feel chilly by comparison," he posted.

And reader Summer Aguilera posted: "I'm pregnant. It's worse than being just hot … ugh."

To which Mary Morris chimed in: "Gives new meaning to the old term 'a bun in the oven.' "

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