Each day through Jan. 4, we will publish stories from the Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen news archives. This article is from Dec. 16, 1959.

For many years, Mike Ronquillo and his family have received great pleasure from a Nativity scene they mounted in the rear window of the family car.

Mike is a taxi-cab driver for the Tucson Taxi Co. and, in his position, he felt he could bring the pleasure to other people.

“I asked my bosses for permission to mount the Nativity scene in my cab for the Christmas season and, after a lot of thought, they finally gave me permission.”

Mike’s Nativity scene is well-done and the figures were mounted in his cab — numbering 30.

Have the passengers liked Mike’s religious expression of the Christmas holiday?

“Yes, they have,” replied Mike with his wide grin. “They get in the cab and many sit and stare at the Nativity scene until they reach their destination. Many seem to be in deep thought, too, as they ride and look at the scene of the Christ child’s birth.”

Mike, a resident of Tucson for the last 15 years, hopes he can make his taxi cab Nativity scene an annual one.

“So far it looks as though I will be able to do so. I hope I can, because it gives my passengers a little bit of time to contemplate the true meaning of Christmas as they go around in the mad pace that has become a part of the Christmas season.”

And the best part of the entire thing, as far as Mike is concerned, he is now receiving special calls from the dispatcher at Tucson Cab.

“They want the cab with the Nativity scene in it,” smiles Mike.