Each day through Jan. 4, we will publish stories from the Arizona Daily Star and Tucson Citizen news archives. This is a poem published many times by Citizen columnist Don Schellie, who died in 1983. He wrote that he never was able to identify the poem’s author.

’Tis the night before Christmas,

And all through the casa,

Not a creature is stirring,

¡Caramba! ¿Qué pasa?

The stocking are hanging

Con much cuidado

In hopes that San Nicolas

Will feel obligado

To leave a few cosas

Aquí and allí

For Chico y Chica

(Y something for me).

Los niños are snuggled

All safe in their camas

(Some in vestidos

And some in pajamas)

Their little cabezas

All full of good things

They’re all esperando

Que Santa will bring.

Papa in a T-shirt

Is grinding nixtamal,

While buñuelos’ aroma

Wafts down the hall.

Mama at la estufa

Stirs up chile rojo

For tamales que Santa

Will enjoy y cómo!

La familia is feliz,

Tree lights gleam bright —

Merry Christmas a todos,

Y a todos, good night!

Translations: casa=house, caramba=goodness, que pasa=what gives, con mucho cuidado=carefully, cosas=things, aquí and allí=here and there, y=and, los niños=the children, camas=beds, vestidos=gowns, cabezas=heads, esperando=hoping, waiting, nixtamal=ground corn for tamales, buñuelos=sugar-coated fritters, la estufa=the stove, y como!=and how!, chile rojo=red chile, la familia=the family, feliz=happy, a todos=to all.