Arizona State Flag David Sanders / Arizona Daily Star

Presidential citizenship bill

The state Senate voted Wednesday to require new proof of citizenship qualifications for presidential candidates who want to be on the ballot in Arizona.

"This is an obligation the state has," Senate President Russell Pearce said. "Verification is not only legitimate, it's appropriate."

President Obama is not mentioned, but some lawmakers have said questions remain about his place of birth.

Insurance change

The House gave preliminary approval to a bill allowing insurers licensed outside Arizona to offer and sell policies here.

Proponents say it will boost competition, providing consumers more options. Critics say it dumps state coverage mandates, like post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and treatments for autism.

Gun laws

The House approved a bill that would let people take guns into government buildings lacking armed guards and metal detectors. There are exemptions, including schools, some sports events and conventions, courts and police buildings.

Supporters say the bill protects Second Amendment rights. Critics say the law would be a burden on local governments.