1805: Spanish troops, commanded by Lt. Antonio Narbona, invade Canyon de Chelly, killing 93 Navajo warriors and 45 women and children. The bones of the slain are left in the cave where they were killed. The area becomes known as Canyon de Muerto.

1877: Gov. Anson P.K. Safford signs a bill moving the Territorial capitol from Tucson to Prescott.

1912: The last remaining parts of the old scaffold used in the Cochise County Courthouse yard at Tombstone are cut up for kindling wood. The scaffold had been built in 1884 by C.J. Ulmer for the hanging of the Bisbee murderers.

1922: A federal judge tells Arizonans they can expect to go to jail if they violate Prohibition.

1945: Davis-Monthan Air Force Base named B-29 home — Liberators to be replaced after February 1.

2007: Smokestacks at closed San Manuel smelter are brought down by explosives.

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