Anyone who spends more than one summer in the Old Pueblo realizes it’s never too soon for the monsoon.

And while forecasters say Tucson could be in for a wetter season than usual, that doesn’t do any good now when temperatures are in the triple digits with barely a cloud in sight.

Skies are expected to remain clear at least through next Saturday while the mercury dances into the 103-degree range on every outdoor thermometer in town.

Meanwhile, meteorologists discuss the complexities of predicting when, where and how much rain we can expect. It might get a little gusty Monday night, but don’t get too excited. The wind won’t necessarily blow in any storm clouds.

Parched times call for drastic measures, Tucsonans.

Uncoil the hoses, fill up the soap buckets and wash your cars.

While you’re at it, hang some laundry on the clothesline, schedule a picnic and, for good measure, open an umbrella in the house.

It couldn’t hurt.

And it could just be the needling Ma Nature needs to bring on the rain.

Kimberly Matas