A man mowing his lawn and his dog were stung several times by bees on Tucson’s northwest side.

The man was using a gas powered mower and went near a bougainvillea which disturbed a beehive in the plant at his home in the 3500 block of West Amber Terrace, near North Camino de la Tierra and West Orange Grove Road, said Capt. Adam Goldberg a spokesman for Northwest Fire District.

It’s unknown if the bees were disturbed by the noise or vibration from the mower or if the mower touched the hive, Goldberg said.

The man was stung between 20 and 30 times, but refused to be taken to the hospital. The dog was also stung several times. Firefighters removed the hive.

Goldberg said it’s late in the season for bee attacks, but people should be aware that bees are still present.

“People still need to remain conscious and aware and keep their eyes and ears open and contact experts to assist with the removal, don’t take on that task by yourself,” Goldberg said.