1875: An ad in the Tucson Citizen announces an appearance by Professor Yacabo, who reportedly died in Sonora, Mexico and was resurrected four days later.

1880: A celebration marks the arrival of the Southern Pacific railroad in Tucson. Over-enthusiastic Tucsonans send a telegram to Pope Leo in The Vatican informing him of the great occasion. A response, claiming to be from The Pope, said he sends his benedictions and blessing but wonders “Where the hell is Tucson?”

1882: The first gas lights are lit in Tucson. Crowds gather in the street to look at the words "Gas Company" illuminated in jets of gas over the company's office.

1904: A hypnotist who spent the week giving performances in Phoenix is arrested on charges of conducting an immoral exhibit. Specifically, he is accused of having placed a young lady in a trance then allowing her to be displayed in a department store window.

1996: Advocates for the homeless decry the city’s “midnight raid” to evict the remaining resident of a shantytown at the base of “A” Mountain.

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