March 9: Today in Arizona history

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1864: The first issue of the Arizona Miner ss published at Fort Whipple by Richard C. McCormick, secretary of state for Territory of Arizona.

1877: Congress passes the Desert Land Act, permitting settlers to get title to 610 acres of desert land provided they would irrigate it within three years and pay a small sum per acre.

1903: Four convicts escape from the Territorial Prison at Yuma and flee down the Colorado River. They seize a yacht but go aground on a sandbar and are caught in the desert.

1911: The Arizona Republic reports the death of a Papago Indian who had been charged with witchcraft by the people of his village. He is executed by being tied to the tail of a wild horse, which was set loose in the desert.

1920: The Bisbee Deportation case opens at the Tombstone Courthouse.

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