A Titan II missile combat crew on “alert” in the early 60s. USAF photo. Titan Missile Museum archives. MANDATORY CREDIT: Photo courtesy of Arizona Aerospace Foundation.

1900: President William McKinley spends a day in Phoenix, then makes a whistle-stop in Tucson. But he fails to mention the possibility of statehood for Arizona.

1913: U.S. Deputy Marshals capture a Curtiss biplane, which was being shipped from Tucson to Nogales in five wooden crates loaded on a flatbed wagon. The owners of the plane claim they intend to use it for experimental purposes, but U.S. officials suspect it was being smuggled into Mexico to aid the Sonoran troops in the revolution against the Mexican government.

1920: A huge supply of machine gun ammunition intended for Mexican Revolutionists is shipped from Tucson to Nogales in coffins, but the shipment was tracked to an undertaking parlor and seized by the U.S. Marshals service.

1929: The town of Buckeye is incorporated. It had originally been called Sidney, but the name was changed to Buckeye because most of the early settlers came from Ohio.

Also in 1929: Constable Pickens of Mesa demonstrates a high degree of civic pride when he testifies in a court case that Mesa moonshine whiskey is of much better quality than that of Gilbert's.

1950: Alexander John Chandler, the first veterinary surgeon for the territory of Arizona and the man for whom the city of Chandler is named, dies.

1976: What is now known as The Pima Air & Space Museum opens, with 75 aircraft on display. Now the largest privately-funded air museum in the country, it has more than 200 aircraft.

1986: The Titan Missile Museum opens near Green Valley. Its centerpiece is a missile silo that housed a Titan 2 intercontinental ballistic missile. Except for this site, all Titan 2 silos were destroyed in the 1980s.

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